News & Events

  • eSignForStudy Final Dissemination Event

    The eSignForStudy project consortium will host its final dissemination event on September 26th 2022. The event will be hosted by University of Warsaw. If you are interested in attending this event please email Further information will be available soon.

  • eSignForStudy presented by CVUT

    Czech Technical University in Prague, along with the project partners, hosted a hybrid event on July 28th 2022, on the eSignForStudy project, which was disseminated to Higher Education Institutions across the Czech Republic. The event was attended by 30 participants.

  • eSignForStudy presented at MUCI Consortium

    The Higher Education MUCI Consortium in Poland hosted an online event on June 27th 2022. As part of this a special session was presented on the eSignForStudy project by both University of Warsaw and OPTeam. The event was attended by over 150 particpants.

  • eSignForStudy presented at OPTeam Conference 'New IT technologies for HEIs – 11th edition’, June 2022

    Each year this conference attracts people responsible for building the IT environment of universities as well as for services for staff and students based on IT. Both infrastructure and business application levels are covered in the agenda. Student identity management issues, education process (...)

  • eSignForStudy presented at EUNIS 2022

    An update on the project was presented at EUNIS Congress in Gottingen in June 2022