• OPTeam

    OPTeam is an IT systems integrator and software developer, specializing in solutions in the field of authentication and authorization, in particular in solutions for higher education. During 35 years of existence, OPTeam runs hundreds of IT projects delivering pioneer solutions in Poland, such (...)

  • University of Warsaw

    University of Warsaw (UW, 1816) is the largest and most prestigious public university in Poland, with almost 50 thousand students. UW is one of the 15 project partners in the EWP 2.0 consortium (2018-2019) and was also a very active member of important projects such as: EWP1 (2015-2017), EMREX, (...)

  • European Campus Card Association

    The European Campus Card Association (ECCA) was established as a not-for-profit association in 2002. Its policies and strategies are dedicated to the implementation of student eID credentials in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) that supports student mobility and the provision of trusted (...)

  • Czech Technical University in Prague

    Czech Technical University in Praque is one of the oldest technical universities in Europe, which leads to the support of internationalization in the field of academic cooperation, and one of the largest universities in the Czech republic, with 18 thousand students. CTU has developed their (...)