OPTeam is an IT systems integrator and software developer, specializing in solutions in the field of authentication and authorization, in particular in solutions for higher education. During 35 years of existence, OPTeam runs hundreds of IT projects delivering pioneer solutions in Poland, such as the first university campus card system, first e-purse bank payment system, first EMV payment acceptance system, first contactless payment card acceptance system and many more. The company is an author of a card life cycle management system with integration with PKI infrastructure, access control, e-services and digital workflow and process management. OPTeam develops also EDUWeb360 system, which is a multiportal and multiservice solution for universities, managing the Internet presence.  Pursuant to a cooperation agreement with the  University Centre for Informatization (MUCI) and other agreements, OPTeam deploys USOS at Polish HEIs and also assists in some development activities. MUCI and USOS will be key to this project and OPTeam has cooperation with the former and experience with the latter.

OPTeam is responsible for designing and developing the eSignForStudy solution.