University of Warsaw



University of Warsaw (UW, 1816) is the largest and most prestigious public university in Poland, with almost 50 thousand students.

UW is one of the 15 project partners in the EWP 2.0 consortium (2018-2019) and was also a very active member of important projects such as: EWP1 (2015-2017), EMREX, EGRACONS, eQuATIC. 

UW is the leading university of MUCI (University Centre for Informatization, –  the consortium established by the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities, which comprises almost 70 Polish higher education institutions. They cooperate on supporting and financing development of USOS (University Study-Oriented System,, which is a student management system used by the partners in the consortium. Nowadays over fifty percent of students of public HEIs in Poland use this system and its associated applications. In 2007 USOS was awarded a prestigious EUNIS Elite Award by the organization EUNIS (European University Information Systems)

The team of USOS developers designed the architecture and APIs of the EWP Network (, integrated USOS with the EWP and the EMREX Networks (, participated in the development of the eQuATIC server (, designed and developed the data export module for the EGRACONS server (, designed and develop the Mobility Module for USOS, designed and developed the mobile app (Mobile USOS) which gives a student the possibility to apply for, obtain and upload to the mobile the official Polish student card (mLegitymacja, designed and developed the admission system for candidates which is integrated with the Polish national eID node ( Two USOS demo installations are continuously available for development teams from other institutions which want to test EWP and EMREX network services. 

UWarsaw will participate in the review and testing of the SignForStudy eSignature Service, integration of the tool with the local Student Information System, its pilot deployment, and cross-border exchange of signed documents via different platforms.